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she blow big bubbles with her gum & laughs
when it pops all over her face,
she dances in her Victoria's Secret underwear.
she takes crazy pictures and posts them on her myspace
&to her friends, she's a star because she
realized life is too short to waste time crying
over the asshole that broke her heart <3
6.5.08 16:46


im not perfect, & neither is he
but together, we just might be ..
6.5.08 16:26

all those scars on her arms ;
don't worry she says.
they're little notes
to remember her
how many times
you had broken her heart
6.5.08 16:17

ich trage chucks, ich bin punk...
ich trage stiefel, ich bin nazi...
ich habe eine glatze, ich bin nazi
ich habe bunt gefärbte haare, ich bin punk
ich bin gegen den staat, ich bin punk
ich besaufe mich am helllichten tag, ich bin punk
ich bin gegen alles, ich bin punk
ich denke ich bin was, ich bin lächerlich
6.5.08 16:15

im not like everyone else - so i must be a loser.
i speak my mind - so i must be a bitch.
im overweight - so i must have a problem with self control.
im an atheist - so i must hate the world.
i take anti-depressants - so i must be crazy.
i wear black - so i must be a goth.
im a guy - so i must only want to get into your pants.
im a girl - so i must be over-dramatic.
i dont live with my child - so i must be a dead beat parent.
im a teenager - so i must drink and do drugs.
im a punk - so i must do drugs.
im young - so i must be naive. 
im blonde - so a must be a stupid ditz.
im pretty - so i must not be a virgin.
im not a virgin - so i must be easy. 
i fell in love witha married man - so i must be a home-wreckin whore.
im a teenage mom - so i must be an irresponsible slut.
im really into music - so i must be scene.

i dye my hair crazy colors - so i must be looking for attention
im into thearte & art - so i must be a homosexual.
im vegetarian - so i must be a crazy political activist.
i have a bunch of guy friends - so i must be fucking them all.
i have a bunch of girl friends - so i must be gay.
i wear what i want - so i must be a poser.

im german - so i must be a nazi.
i wear girl pants - so i must have no friends
my boyfriend's older than me - so he must only be withme 4 sex.
i have friends older than me - so i must do drugs. 

6.5.08 16:14

dass ich immernoch auf dich warte ..
& das, obwohl ich weiß,
dass du eh nicht wiederkommen wirst.
6.5.08 16:04

im the girl who wants to sream,
but is not able to make a sound.
im the girl who wants to cry,
because shes crushed by lonleyness.
im the girl who lost her only spark of hope.
6.5.08 16:03

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